For the record: I do NOT have the blues

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I was younger, I tried to delve into the blues. I was okay, but I was nothing great. I eventually had to find my own style, which exists between rockabilly, the outlaw country I was raised on, and all things David Lynch.

Blues, I’ve decided to leave to the experts. That being said, when asked to play at Rossport and to gear the set toward blues, I had to scratch the itch that still accompanies the injury sustained from coming to grips with my inabilities to rock the blues.

Disclaimers established and apologies in advance: This is a video from last weekend. Willie Dixon and Robert Johnson may be rolling over in their graves (not to mention Jimi, although, for a guy who choked on his own vomit, he ought to be forgiving of other people’s seemingly bad choices)

This one’s for you Jimi.

Check out Rossport! It’s bad ass. -CLICK HERE-


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