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So far we’ve got T-shirts, stickers, and buttons! Support the band and show your zombie pride by purchasing one of our Party Like A Carny Buttons, or Cozmik Zombie T-shirts!!!


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Is this thing on?

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Tap tap… This is only a test.

This Halloween Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies are joining forces with Dark Follies, Portland’s Award Winning gotherific vaudevillians to create a show, the likes of which has never before been seen. Fueled by the engine of the Dark Follies (not just) Rhythm Orchestra, Dark Follies consists of dancers, jugglers, side show acts, flow artists, fire dancers and more! Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies are a Rockabilly/Psychobilly act that plays blazing original roots music. Pete’s songs combine witty lyrics, theatrical delivery, and a heavy dose of chicken plucking stomp.

We’re combining our collective dark powers to bring you a truly twisted and dark Halloween. This is going to be a Hunter S. Thompson meets Edward Gorey style nightmare of beautifully horrific songs, sights, and sounds that will tweek your skulls and rock your brains! (mmmmm… brains). This is a must see event featuring a full musical integration of the Cozmik Zombies and Dark Follies (not just) Rhythm Orchestra as well as performances by the Dark Follies vaudevillians.

Step on up and join us on this Carousel of Darkness! Round and round, as the broken calliope wheezes out the busted melody of a circus of the dead. Gather with The Freaks and The Carnys, at the Carnival of Death, where we shall rage and roar into the void of the Witching Hour. This is going to be the show to see this Halloween!
What: Carnival of Death
When: October 31 – doors at 8:00 PM
Where: Bayside Bowl, Portland, ME***
How much: $10 advance/$12 door –

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***While Bayside Bowl is an all ages venue some material may not be suitable for younger audiences***

TONIGHT in Lewiston Maine Don’t Miss It!!!!!

The Cozmik Zombies rip it up with The Pete Kilpatrick Band at Baxter Brewing Co.

We got rained out last show after about 5 songs. We’re coming back to finish what we started. It’ll be a totally bad ass show!

Don’t miss it. Gates are at 6pm. Show at 6:30pm

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Toughcats! The Wetsuits! Sean Mencher! Me and the Cozmik Zombies!!!!

WMPG Benefit at Bayside Bowl… You’d have to be crazy to miss this.


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When I was younger, I tried to delve into the blues. I was okay, but I was nothing great. I eventually had to find my own style, which exists between rockabilly, the outlaw country I was raised on, and all things David Lynch.

Blues, I’ve decided to leave to the experts. That being said, when asked to play at Rossport and to gear the set toward blues, I had to scratch the itch that still accompanies the injury sustained from coming to grips with my inabilities to rock the blues.

Disclaimers established and apologies in advance: This is a video from last weekend. Willie Dixon and Robert Johnson may be rolling over in their graves (not to mention Jimi, although, for a guy who choked on his own vomit, he ought to be forgiving of other people’s seemingly bad choices)

This one’s for you Jimi.

Check out Rossport! It’s bad ass. -CLICK HERE-